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Capuchin Crypt (La Cripta dei Cappuccini): A Hauntingly Beautiful Museum in Rome. Italy

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Capuchin Crypt (La Cripta dei Cappuccini): A Hauntingly Beautiful Museum in Rome. Italy
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Cripta dei cappuccini, Visit Rome

Rome is a world-famous destination offering historical monuments rich with ancient history. However, if you want to do something unique and different from the usual spots in the eternal city, this is the place for you. Capuchin Crypt is situated below the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini.

It is believed that this crypt has some 4000 skeletons and bones of Capuchin monks. It is said to be constructed in the 17th century. The creepy atmosphere and unearthly feeling this place signifies add to the ultimate fun. The bones as well as the skeletons are arranged in a peculiar yet beautiful way that is sure to impress the visitors. On top of that, the museum is an ideal way to learn about ancient Rome. As soon as you step in here, you are brought back to come-visitare-roma-in-3-giorni-cripta-cappuccini-241x300another time.  Having a large number of dead bodies around you can turn out to be scary for the light-hearted. For this reason, it is advised for people with unique taste and a strong heart!

Out of respect for the crypt, taking photographs is prohibited within the museum premises.  The museum is quite modern in design and style as compared to the crypt. First, you will find the Capuchin Museum upon entrance and after exploring this place, you can enter the bone church of Rome. It has five creative chapels each having its own unique significance.

Crypt of the Resurrection is one of the five chapels and it contains a picture of Jesus bringing Lazarus back to life. Crypt of the Three Skeletons is another chapel signifying resurrection and it has three designs of skeletons. This symbolizes the weighing down of your good and evil deeds by God. All in all, this place has a surreal feeling and is a must visit for sure!


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